Turn your idea into reality and stand out in the market. 

l can help you take the frustration out and get your idea to market so your business can grow. In three simple steps, you can confidently create your product and branding. 


Together, taking your idea to market


I like to keep things simple. We have a simple process to get your idea to your customers. Simple forms, simple use of material and simple living.


I create useful products that serve a purpose. Designing for a better tomorrow. 


To get to the heart of the matter by understanding people’s needs, challenges, and point of view. Connecting with the user and making sure they are always at the center of the design process.


Being honest throughout the whole design process. From building honest relationships, using ethical business partners, to using sustainable suppliers.

Giving back. 

The ethical move

Taking part in a series of pledges to help the business world to make more ethical choices for the good of all.

Conscious minds

 I support and encourage children, teenagers and young adults to bring out their happier, healthier, confident self.

The National Forest

I donate to restoring a rich wildlife habitat to areas to provide a more sustainable and positive future for the next generation.