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Do you have a coin design idea that you need to turn from concept to ready for minting? 

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We will discover the heart of the end user, so we can be clear that your idea will drive opportunities and innovation. N.B. A NDA will be signed before disclosing any information.


Turning a handful of ideas into conceptual designs Together, we will drive your idea into a tailored solution. 


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You need your Idea Fine Tuned if...
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2. Losing pitches
3. Losing Product licensing agreements
4. You don't have a brand identity
5. Product sales have dropped
6. Investors don't understand the real value of your idea

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Over a brief 30-minute conversation, she asked questions that I had not even thought about, which sounds quite funny when it is my business launch!  Heena instinctively delivered 3 concepts with the first one hitting the nail on the head, which just showed how much she listened. Heena throughout has displayed a rare combination of creative conceptualisation and incredibly beautiful designs and I am thrilled with my product. 

I was unable to make my idea come alive and very confused about where to go. But then I was introduced to Heena. She was able to understand what we wanted even before we did. And in a few weeks, my thoughts become a reality. Now able to move it forward with the manufacturer.

 I was looking around, should I manufacture? how do I get a prototype? how do I come up with the sketch? As you know there are a lot of people that can take you down the wrong path, so I appreciate you guys doing a great service

I thought getting a product idea to market was a complicated process. I felt intimidated going to these big agencies. You are in Safe hands  - GoCompanion will take you down the cost-effective route and won’t cost you an arm and a leg! 

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